Lean Six Sigma

What is Kaizen and how it can be used?

This article discusses the meaning of Kaizen and Kaizen blitz (Kaizen event). Kaizen is a combination of two words, Kai (change) and Zen (good). Kaizen is a philosophy. Kaizen is about empowering people to make small changes to get significant results.

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What is Lean Law and the application of Lean Six Sigma to legal processes?

Lean Law is the practice of law as a business and the way of the future. There are a number of ways you and your organization can learn about the application of Lean methodology to law practice and legal processes. Here we discuss four ways to go about it.

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How can I improve Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at my organization?

How can I use Lean Six Sigma to address the Diversity and Inclusion challenge?

Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that can be used to address diversity, equity and inclusion challenges at your firm, department or organization.

Research shows that diversity is strongly correlated with both profitability and value creation. Last year more than 170 general counsel and chief legal officers signed an open letter to big law firms expressing their disappointment that “many law firms continue to promote partner classes that in no way reflect the demographic composition of entering associate classes.” The letter says their companies will prioritize their legal spend on those firms that commit to diversity and inclusion. The call to action is clear, "improve diversity or lose our business." We present a different approach to solve this challenge, tailored to you.

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A Primer on Lean Six Sigma for Law:
What is Lean Law? How can Lean Six Sigma help you improve your legal processes?

Lean Six Sigma is a tried and tested business methodology that can be applied to many legal processes to improve efficiencies and reduce waste, saving you time and money. Lean relies on a team effort to improve efficiency, speed and performance by systematically removing waste from a process and increasing its flow. In this article, we will examine: 1) the concept of Lean for law; 2) the business case for using Lean in the practice of law; and, 3) examples of where to use Lean in the practice of law.

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