About us

Our leadership has an impeccable track record of saving clients millions of dollars by improving their processes. In addition, we are different from other consultants because we are independent and agnostic to any one technology solution. We work for you. And we understand the trajectory of successful initiatives: first, people; second, process; and, third, technology.

Our CEO has trained hundreds of lawyers, paralegals, litigation support and IT personnel to operate in the most efficient and cost effective manner. She has managed data and discovery in some of the most notable cases of the last two decades, including the Madoff Trustee litigation and, following the 2008 financial crisis, the RMBS litigation. In fact, we are honored to say that our CEO, Lourdes Fuentes Slater has been named a New York Trailblazer by the New York Law Journal for being an innovator, an agent of change, and a thought leader.

Our CIO has decades of experience in IT at the World Bank and is also an instructor of AI to upcoming technologists. Together they have  been at the forefront of big data management using Lean Six Sigma (LSS), legal project management (LPM), and technology. Now they bring that knowledge to Karta Legal to help your innovation journey.

Our team of project managers, lawyers, litigation support and IT experts is ready to work for you.

Our Story

For years, we’ve seen technology companies create technical solutions and data platforms without understanding the legal requirements or the practical needs of the lawyers who use the data. Legal buyers, already stretched thin, often lack the resources to fully vet products and oversee vendors. The result: overspending and underperformance. But we are here to help.

Karta Legal's goal is change management through design thinking and process improvement using proprietary tools based on Lean Six Sigma and Agile Law techniques. This holistic approach is critical not just in large, high-profile cases, but in any process or project that affects resources, time and money.

We bring together the best business processes, project management, technology intelligence, know-how, and legal experience in one place.

For example, we help you manage data, processes and e-discovery issues such as: 

> Get your e-document house in order to meet new privacy law requirements, litigation or due diligence disputes

> Find the most cost-effective technology for your needs and maximize the efficiencies of your e-discovery programs

> Use your data to develop e-learning modules, compelling trial strategies, or presentations

Save time and money

According to a recent Thomson Reuters report, the top two goals of in-house counsel are controlling outside counsel costs and using technology to simplify workflow.

Karta Legal helps you do both. Using proprietary tools based on advanced Agile project management techniques and Lean Six Sigma principles, we streamline your processes, maximize your in-house resources and eliminate wasted time and spending. At the same time, we use our buying power to negotiate better deals for you with technology vendors.

Knowledgeable and unbiased

We’re not trying to sell you our product. We don’t have one. Instead, we use our extensive market knowledge to pinpoint the best solution for your needs, whether off the shelf or customized.

Our consultants are veteran courtroom lawyers and technologists who have spent decades managing data and preparing for trial. After working with virtually every leading e-document and discovery platform and vendor, we know their strengths and weaknesses, and how they marry with your in-house technology platforms.

Training and education

We don’t just consult from a distance. We roll up our sleeves and dive in, learn your strategies, and become part of your team. Clients appreciate our ability to work smoothly with the full complement of technology, legal, and consulting personnel involved in any matter.

Also, one of our core missions is to train and educate lawyers. We are facing a rapidly changing legal profession and we must be agile in our adaptation of technology and business processes to remain competitive and excel. Let us train your people to handle your processes and your technology effectively and efficiently.