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Outside Counsel Guidelines: Reduce Billing Errors, Save time & Enhance relationships

Join Lourdes M. Fuentes, Esq. in an ALM sponsored discussion to talk about the importance of having, updating, and training on Outside Counsel Guidelines. This event will take place on March 3, 2023, at 2pm. The registration link is below.

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Lourdes Fuentes Slater is an American Top 100 Litigators 2021

Lourdes Fuentes Slater has been selected among America’s Top 100 Bet-the-Company Litigators® for 2023.

Lourdes Fuentes Slater has been selected among America’s Top 100 Bet-the-Company Litigators® for 2023. Only the top 100 qualifying attorneys in each state receive this honor and less than one-half percent (0.5%) of active attorneys in the entire United States receive this honor.

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Legal Week NYC 2022. Karta Legal will be present to discuss DEI in law firms.

Lourdes Fuentes Slater will be at Legal Week on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM, speaking on this panel with other DEI advocates and trailblazers:
Are All Professional Services Providers Held to the Same DEI Standards?
A data-driven discussion focused on the various DEI standards that law firms, professional services and advisory firms, and legal departments are held to and evaluated on.

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Karta Legal & JusticeBid Partnership

Today we announce a strategic partnership between Karta Legal LLC, and JusticeBid, a diversity analytics and e-sourcing platform..
These two minority owned legal tech companies (yep, you read that right) are teaming to address the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion challenges in the legal industry.
Karta Legal will apply proven business and process improvement methodologies to create the optimal path to achieve measurable and significant progress.

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New Year, New Guidelines: How to implement OCG's and ways to enforce better billing hygiene

On February 9, 2022, Lourdes Fuentes Slater will be joining Patrick Fuller (ALM Media LLC) and Virginia Griffith and Wendy Roberts (LegalBillReview) to discuss how to implement Outside Counsel Guidelines and ways to enforce better billing hygiene in legal departments. Please join us and be part of this conversation, we will be sharing practical tips on invoices review.

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Automating the right processes

Welcome back to the leading no-code event where you can learn to supercharge your business processes, streamline and simplify your services and scale your expertise to a wider audience than ever before by building bespoke applications - all without writing a single line of code.

Karta Legal’s Lourdes Fuentes Slater and Shyamal Addanki are speaking today at the Neota Network 2021.
Follow up the updates of the conference

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Automating the right processes

On October 12, 2021, at 12 pm, ET our CEO, Lourdes Fuentes and our process automation expert, Shyamal Addanki are talking about how to make your law firm or legal department more productive and efficient by automating processes the right way. This event is part of the Neota Network Global Conference.

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Karta Legal Partners with Netdocuments

NetDocuments, the leading cloud content management platform for legal professionals announced a new partnership with Karta Legal to streamline legal business processes through no-code automation.

The NetDocuments cloud platform allows legal departments to balance legal requirements with business targets, reducing administrative and operational tasks that would otherwise pull General Council away from impactful work.

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Controlling the Runaway Train: Ways to Manage Outside Counsel Spend

On August 10, 2021, Lourdes Fuentes Slater will be joining Patrick Fuller (ALM Media LLC) and Virginia Griffith (LegalBillReview) to discuss how to control outside counsel legal spend by implementing processes to optimize the management of outside counsel services and invoices. We will offer practical tips of steps GCs can take now to control rising costs.


Lawyer Monthly July 2021

Karta Legal's CEO, Lourdes Fuentes is featured in the July Edition of Lawyer Monthly Magazine for an interview. Topics range from Karta Legal's inspiration and mission, to future plans for process optimization.

"The Latina litigator set to innovate the legal industry"
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Leadership Through Process Optimization During Challenging Times

On July 16, 2021, Lourdes Fuentes Slater will be joining Jessica de Perio Wittman (UConn Law) and Kathleen (Katie) Brown (Charleston School of Law), at the South Carolina Conference on Innovations in Teaching (SCCITL) for a discussion on process optimization techniques.

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Cafe con Lourdes's: Lucy M. Lopez

Here is another excellent interview by Lourdes Fuentes Slater, CEO of Karta Legal LLC. #CafeConLourdes brings stories of those Latinos in the law who have broken the stereotypes and uprise in a very competitive and selective group in the world of business. This time we have the privilege to hear from Lucy M. Lopez, Head of Legal for the Americas & Deputy General Counsel at McKinsey & Company, Inc.

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Cafe con Lourdes's: Thomas Trujilo

In another #CafeConLourdes series, Karta Legal's CEO, Lourdes Fuentes, sits down to talk with Thomas Trujillo.

"Tom has that sought after and unique combination of being a lawyer who understands the business of law and has been at the forefront of legal operations and innovation for years... This interview reflects the true measure of a legal innovator, who also happens to be Latino."
- Lourdes Fuentes Slater
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Karta Legal Partners with Neota Logic

Neota Logic, creators of the world’s leading no-code platform, and Karta Legal, announced a new partnership to streamline legal business processes through no-code automation.

Neota’s no-code platform provides professionals with easy-to-use development tools for the intelligent automation of processes, expertise and documentation. Together, we are the right team to work with law firms and legal departments to automate outdated legal processes.

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National Law Journal Legal Tech Trailblazers of 2021!  

The National Law Journal recently published its annual Legal Technology Trailblazers and recognized Karta Legal as a constant agent of change and innovation in the legal industry.

Cafe con Lourdes's: Elisa D. Garcia C.

Lourdes sat down to talk with Elisa D. Garcia C., Chief Legal Officer of Macy's Inc. for another High Performance Counsel's series #CafeConLourdes articles. Our goal with this series of articles is to challenge stereotypes, lead by example, and provide positive role modeling to the future leaders.

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Trends in Legal Tech Podcast

In this episode of the Contract Lens Podcast, Co-founder of Malbek Matt Patel and Lourdes Fuentes discuss some of the latest trends in legal tech.

We provide candid commentary on how the pandemic has forever disrupted digital transformation in the legal world. We make the case of why, and how, law firms, not just in-house legal teams, should embrace contract management software, and share our perspective on the traits that are essential for effective Legal Ops professionals.

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Innovación y nuevos marcos de trabajo. Lean aplicado a la abogacía con Lourdes Slater (Español/Spanish)

Talent Boost Spain ha lanzado una serie de podcast en los que Ignacio Escobar Quintana y Emiliano Cánovas, fundadores de Talent Boost, charlan con expertos de diferentes ámbitos, organizaciones y posiciones laborales. En su podcast #20, Lourdes Fuentes Slater se sentó a discutir la automatizaciólegal y el fin de la abogacía como la conocemos. Hablaron de la visión para la industrilegal en 2030, la falta de diversidadinclusión en el ámbitlegal y la falta de mujerelideres en el ámbito legal y tecnológico.

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Karta Legal welcomes Avvoka as a partner

The most outstanding leaders in the world knew and recognized how critical working together is. Nowadays, those concepts, collaboration & alliances have become crucial for our businesses to keep going and meet customers' demands in this new reality. Karta Legal LLC is happy to announce and welcome a new member partner's network: Avvoka, a document automation, negotiation, and analytics platform.

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LETRA Legal Training MasterClass (Español/Spanish)

LETRA Legal Training es un centro de formación y entrenamiento continuo para profesionales, creado por firmas de abogados.

El 25 de agosto, Lourdes Fuentes Slater, CEO of Karta Legal, discutirá por qué hoy estamos en el punto de inflexión de la tecnología legal, y porque ya no hay vuelta atrás. Discutiremos las mejores tecnologías para bufetes de abogados y las mejores prácticas para crear un mapa de tecnología legal que funcione para su bufete y su presupuesto.

Para obtener más información, o para registrarse, favor de seguir este enlace.

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The T-Shaped Legal Department: Parley Pro Webinar Series

In this presentation, Lourdes Fuentes Slater will talk about what it means to be a T-Shaped Legal Department (LD), how to get there, and what your priorities should be right now.

    1. The T-Shaped Legal Department is the Legal Department of the Future.
    2. Transforming your Legal Department into a T-Shaped     Legal Department is the GOAL, but the PROCESS is Innovation.
    3. To become the T-Shaped Legal Department you MUST be ready to COLLABORATE.

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High Perfomance Counsel

We are happy to announce that our CEO, Lourdes Fuentes Slater, is the latest addition to the select group of High Performance Counsel faculty and columnists. With  #CafeConLourdes, Ms. Fuentes will sit down with the most influential and talented Latinx leaders in the legal industry to discuss their journey, and the steps we should take to increase representation of minorities at the top levels.

"I have spent my entire professional career challenging stereotypes, breaking down barriers, educating people, and now mentoring the younger generation. I speak on diversity and inclusion often, in particular to law students."
- Lourdes Fuentes Slater
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General Counsel - The Tech Tipping Point Is Now

 Interested in identifying workflow solutions for your legal team, whether they are remote or on-site?.
Would you like to:

• Reduce process blockages
• Improve resource allocation
• Create a process for addressing areas of concern
• Identify opportunities for improvement

This July 21, 2020 at noon, Lourdes Fuentes Slater together with Princeton Legal Search Group, will address these strategies for leading a legal team toward shifting to a truly digital model.

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Optimizing Legal Processes through Workflow Automation

Lourdes Fuentes Slater and Firestart will give a webinar on June 25, 2020. The topic is Workflow Automation of Legal Processes.

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Improving the Procurement Process Using Lean

On May 20, 2020, please join Lourdes Fuentes Slater for her webinar on how to improve the procurement process using lean tools. This informative webinar is part of Buying Legal Council's webinar series.

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Legal Innovation Lecture

Lourdes will be presenting on April 17, 2020 as a guest lecturer on Legal Innovation to the students of Law Firm Management at the University of Pennsylvania Carey School of Law.

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Managing Processes and Data Security in a Work From Home Setting Podcast

We are happy to share with everyone our first podcast. In this time of social distancing and WFH, we brought together a group of experts in cybersecurity, project management, information governance, and discovery to talk about the best approaches to work from home while first and foremost protecting our data and our clients' data.

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UConn e-Discovery lecture

On April 14, 2020, Lourdes Fuentes Slater will be teaching at the University of Connecticut Law School her class on e-Discovery for the 21st century. This guest lecture will be given to the Law and Technology class.

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Lecture to law students at the Peking University School of Transnational Law, Shenzhen, China

Nurturing the next generation of legal innovators begins in law school and, encouragingly, legal innovation - through people, process improvement, and technology - is being discussed in law school campuses all over the globe. Professor Campbell has given us permission to share his classroom slides for a glimpse at the similarities in what we are all talking about, here and abroad.

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Supercharging Law Firm Profitability and Lawyer Productivity with Technology

 Join us next week, March 24, 2020, for a live webcast, about how technology can help law firms enable their lawyers to be more productive and generate more revenue - featuring Lourdes Fuentes Slater, CEO of Karta Legal, Maks Agamir, CIO of Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley; Enrique Marinez, Partner at Ropers, Majeski, Kohn & Bentley; and Ryan Steadman, CRO at ZERO.

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Third Annual Putting Insights into Practice Forum

Please join our CEO, Lourdes Fuentes Slater, at the 3rd annual Putting Insights into Practice Forum on February 5th in New York City. The panel will discuss: "To the Cloud! Speed, Security and Savings Await - or Do They? " The event will take place at Convene, 810 Seventh Ave, New York, NY 10019, Wednesday 5th, 2020. from 11am - 12pm

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Legal Week New York 2020

Join our Legal Project Management & Matter Management Workshop on February 3, 2020 at LegalTech. Karta Legal’s workshop will focus on the use of Lean in legal processes. Lean helps tackle inefficient processes.

Key Takeaways:
    Provide a basic overview of Lean, its key concepts, tools and goals. Make the business case for using Lean in the practice of law. Conduct a table-top exercise: We will create teams, assign roles and present them with an inefficient legal process. Each team will conduct a flash Kaizen event to come up with a future state process map aimed at removing waste from the defective process.

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Lourdes Fuentes Slater, CEO of Karta Legal LLC,  will be speaking at the Future of the Profession Summit in her alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, on February 27, 2020.

The Future of the Profession Initiative welcomes creative and forward-thinking professionals from across disciplines, as well as leaders in the legal profession to think in new ways about how the profession can and should respond to seismic shifts in the legal industry.

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Future Lawyer Week-USA event

We were proud to be part of another great event, as a sponsor and panelist. Lourdes Fuentes Slater, CEO, was part of the panel; “Workers of the legal world, unite!” - Can private practice law firms and tech providers work together to improve efficiency in in-house legal teams?". Engaging discussion on legal innovation. What does it mean? How do we get there? And the big one: how can the eco-system of legal technology providers, law firms and legal departments work together more efficiently?.

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Karta Legal LLC is a proud sponsor of the Future Lawyer Week-USA event

Karta Legal LLC is a proud sponsor of the Future Lawyer Week-USA, a 2-day interactive legal innovation event, a thrilling hackathon and a full-day conference with thought provoking innovation discussions to be held in NYC on November 20th and 21st. Are you the lawyer of the future?

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New York Law Journal Trailblazer

Lourdes M. Fuentes Slater, Karta Legal's CEO, has been selected as a New York Trailblazer by New York Law Journal—recognizing those who are "truly agents of change"—for her work in innovating the practice of law by training people, improving processes, and implementing the right technology.

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CEO Lourdes Fuentes Slater's Podcast on D&I

In this podcast with Guy Alvarez, Good2BSocial, Lourdes Slater, the CEO of Karta Legal LLC, discusses Lean Six Sigma and other business methodologies to improve processes at law firms and target pain or pressure points they are facing. How do you apply Lean Six Sigma to tackle law firm challeges? Listen to this podcast.

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Lourdes Fuentes Slater, Karta Legal's CEO, joins Merlin Legal Open Source Foundation

Lourdes Fuentes Slater, Karta Legal's CEO, joins veteran John Tredennick, Executive Director of Merlin Legal Open Source Foundation, and an impressive list of advisors to its board. The mission of the Merlin Legal Open Source Foundation is to improve access to justice and make legal operations and regulatory compliance more efficient through the use of open source software.

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WOSB Certifies Karta Legal

Karta Legal is pleased to announce that it has been certified as a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) through the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

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NY Small Business Services Certifies Karta Legal

Karta Legal is pleased to announce that it has been certified as a Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) through the New York Small Business Services.

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Karta Legal receives its WBENC certification

Karta Legal is pleased to announce that it has been certified as a Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation's largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US

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Informational Governance Quarterly Roundtable

Please join us on May 23rd for ILTA's Information Governance Quarterly Roundtable. IG remains a hot topic. Join our virtual roundtable to learn and share perspectives and challenges in taking IG from theory to practice.

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Women, Influence & Power in Law

Karta Legal is happy to announce that the agenda for the 7th Annual Women, Influence & Power in Law Conference (WIPL) is out. Mark your calendars: 10/16-10/19; and join our CEO, Lourdes, and the other speakers for this formative and informative three-day conference.

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Karta Legal's CEO joins the Leadership Council of the National Small Business Association

Lourdes Fuentes Slater, CEO of Karta Legal, joined the Leadership Council of the National Small Business Association.

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Karta Legal is an MBE

Karta Legal is pleased to announce that it has been nationally certified as a bona fide Minority Business Enterprise.

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E-Discovery 101

Lourdes Fuentes Slater was a guest lecturer at the University of Connecticut Law School on the topic of e-discovery. Legal innovation and process improvement start at the law school level.

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The Sedona Conference Working Group 11 Annual Meeting 2019

Join us and other industry leaders in Houston on February 28 for the 2019 WG11 annual meeting. The meeting will focus on: data-breach and notifications, data-security and privacy, artificial intelligence, and the GDPR.

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