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We are Innovation Drivers. A new breed of Independent Consultancy.
We speak Law and Technology. And we combine the two under the umbrella of Agile Legal Project Management and Legal Lean Six Sigma to drive efficiencies, saving you time and money.

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Why Karta Legal
A quicker and more cost-effective way to get from A to B
We are experts in technology acquisition and legal services procurement. With decades of legal buying experience and know-how, our team will guide you through the maze of ALSPs and vendors to pick the right one for your case and your budget. We guarantee that we can save you time and money. And, through design thinking and process mapping, we help you innovate not only smartly, but  successfully.
Case Studies
Reducing the risk of error
We use artificial intelligence to improve the results of your document reviews and legal projects. By choosing the right tool, staffing the project with the right team, and having the correct protocol in place, we set up an efficient document review for you to manage. Say goodbye to unruly, error prone, over budget, overdue reviews.

Our team has decades of experience in providing IT and litigation support services, training, and counseling on best practices for e-discovery, information governance, and privacy issues.

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Bringing the best of business
to the world of law
Change management is our goal. The practice of law is filled with waste and inefficiencies. Using business methodologies, like Lean and Agile, we help you modernize your practice and tackle inefficient processes. Whether you are in-house or at a law firm, you are in the business of providing value-add services to your clients. To do that, legal operations core competencies must be addressed. Learn how we help drive efficiencies. And deliver the best value to your clients.