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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Café Con Lourdes Series with HPC

Cafe Con Lourdes and Sonia Zeledón

Sonia Zeledon, AGC Compliance and Data Privacy at The Hershey Company, will be interviewed by Lourdes Fuentes Slater, Karta Legal LLC, for a special LIVE edition of #CafeConLourdes at the upcoming HPC Global Summit to discuss #latinaleaders in legal.

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Cafe Con Lourdes and Tom Trujillo

In another #CafeConLourdes series, Karta Legal's CEO, Lourdes Fuentes, sits down to talk with Thomas Trujillo about his stellar career.

"Anyone tasked with the unenviable role of change management agent in the legal industry understands the quizzical looks or “good luck with that” comments from those entrenched in traditional law practice. For years doing what I do I have been told by colleagues that I must meet Tom Trujillo because “he gets it and is doing it.”  Indeed, my colleagues were right. Tom has that sought after and unique combination of being a lawyer who understands the business of law and has been at the forefront of legal operations and innovation for years. I was lucky to have the opportunity to finally meet Tom to discuss his stellar legal career and learn more about the man who has been in charge of operational management at some of the most prestigious legal departments in the USA. Of course, I knew immediately he was brilliant when told me he has used Lean Six Sigma process experts to improve legal processes! But his most impressive quality is his charisma and gravitas. This interview reflects the true measure of a legal innovator, who also happens to be Latino."

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Cafe Con Lourdes and Lucy M. Lopez

Here is another excellent interview by Lourdes Fuentes Slater, CEO of Karta Legal LLC. #CafeConLourdes brings stories of those Latinos in the law who have broken the stereotypes and uprise in a very competitive and selective group in the world of business. This time we have the privilege to hear from Lucy M. Lopez, Head of Legal for the Americas & Deputy General Counsel at McKinsey & Company, Inc.

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Cafe Con Lourdes and Elisa D. Garcia

Lourdes sat down to talk with Elisa D. Garcia C., Chief Legal Officer of Macy's Inc. for another High Performance Counsel's series #CafeConLourdes articles. Our goal with these series of articles is to challenge stereotypes, lead by example, and provide positive role modeling to the future leaders. So, let’s dive right in.

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HPC Presents the Series #CafeConLourdes

We are happy to announce that our CEO, Lourdes Fuentes Slater, is the latest addition to the select group of High Performance Counsel faculty and columnists. With  #CafeConLourdes, Ms. Fuentes will sit down with the most influential and talented Latino leaders in legal to discuss their journey and the steps we should take to increase representation of minorities at the top levels. This is what she had to say about her new role:

"My experiences as a Latina and native Spanish speaker, who came to the U.S.  at 17 on a merit scholarship, shaped the lawyer I became. I have spent my entire professional career challenging stereotypes, breaking down barriers, educating people, and now mentoring the younger generation. I speak on diversity and inclusion often, in particular to law students. I have two imperatives with #CafeConLourdes: 1) that the young LatinX entering the industry understand that they are represented at the top levels; and, 2) that we work to increase that representation. We have much talent to showcase and much more to cultivate."

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