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Parley Pro is a modern, web-based, intuitive, collaborative contract negotiation and management platform that provides an easy-to-use workflow, helping companies to improve productivity and accelerate contract time-to-close. The platform streamlines negotiation by replacing emails, attachments, and redlines with an automated workflow - no more manually reconciling documents and poring over long email threads. The proactive contract management engine manages contract key milestones and sends timely email notifications and deadline alerts. Parley Pro's analytics component allows you to easily report on non-standard terms, renewals, and other contract metrics in real-time - no more manually maintaining and updating spreadsheets. Parley Pro customers report shorter contract cycles, better outcomes, and improved relationships among stakeholders.
Parley Pro replaces labor intensive contract negotiation processes that involve redlines, emails, and manual reconciliation with an easy, fast, and elegant process.

Parley Pro’s Consensus Building Workflow™ provides an innovative approach to negotiate contracts. With Parley Pro, everyone works on the same document version. Negotiators discuss first and change the document only when consensus is reached. And Parley Pro’s Discussion Board focuses negotiators on key outstanding negotiation issues.

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