When lawyers can spend less time searching and more time doing, when they can stop playing hide-and-seek with their documents, and know that they never have to sacrifice productivity for security – they become free to Work Inspired.

True to our innovative origins, we’ve taken Work Inspired a step further. Building on our core technology pillars that have been enabling inspired work for the last twenty-one years, we’re delivering 5 new solutions—ORGANIZE, PROTECT, PLAN, DELIVER, and LEARN—that create structure and provide the framework required for legal professionals to create new habits that lead to consistent, positive outcomes.

With NetDocuments, millions of scattered documents become one source of unified insights. Your content management processes and workflows make the leap from intuitive to invisible. The full power of your collective knowledge and past work becomes available wherever your people need it. And every document gets the industry’s best protection against any type of threat—from careless employees to nation state attacks.

Document Management System
Lehi, Utah
Steven Cohen