Transforming contract management from outdated to state of the art 
Malbek makes the contract authoring process simple and fast. To start with, the solution includes automated clauses and pre-approved language and terms to pick from. In addition, AI and analytics help you use the power of the data in your contracts. As a result, this makes it possible to improve contract effectiveness thanks to Malbek’s contract management software. 

Malbek’s built-in search tool will revolutionize how you find info. Consequently, searching for a contract ora key term is just as simple and powerful as searching for something on Google.Since milestone management is automated, you will never be caught off-guard again. As a result, you do not have to worry about missing a surprise contract commitment or renewal. Certainly risk and fees can quickly add up, but Malbek provides a contract peace of mind. 

Working together, Malbek and Karta Legal help law firms and legal Departments to improve their contract management processes, defining, planning, analyzing and improving how contracts are handle, review and write. We help them to be more efficient, decrease cost and increase revenues by a simple change in the processes with an amazing contract automation by Malbek.

Malbek Contrat Management Reimagined
Contract Lifecycle Management
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