CARM believes that Cloud implementations for all legal software is the easiest, most cost efficient and safe way to run a law firm. It is also the forefront of the technology trend. The Cloud provides a cutting edge in technology for our clients and enables them to position themselves strategically for years to come.

The CARM team provides expert implementation of premier document and practice management systems such as NetDocuments and iManage. We ensure accurate and efficient setup, design, customization, best practices advice, data migration, testing, training, support and post-go-live maintenance.

Integrating work flow with software adds a new layer of productivity that increases our clients’ profits and decreases operational overhead. We achieve that by studying each client’s unique way to produce work related output and design their Document System to support that.

Working together, CARM and Karta Legal help law firms and legal Departments to ease their software implementations by defining, planning, analyzing and improving the technology projects. We help them to be more efficient, decrease cost and increase revenues by a simple change the processes.

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