Aeren LPO has over a decade mastered the innovation processes and cutting edge technology to achieve par excellence in delivering end-to-end diversified Legal Process Outsourcing Services. We have been catering to Fortune 500 companies that include Google,, Yahoo, HP, etc. from across the globe and delivering diversified legal services involving cost, complex, voluminous, repetitive, on core and tedious work.

Aeren LPO (certified ISO 27001 and 9001) is a leading and well established group of Indian attorneys specialized in providing diversified technology enabled qualitative and cost effective End-to-End Legal Process Outsourcing Services of international standards to multinational corporations, legal firms, onshore LPO vendors, discovery companies, consulting firm’s and legal publishing houses since 2006.

Karta Legal don’t just consult from a distance. We roll up our sleeves and dive in, learn your strategies, and become part of your team. Clients appreciate our ability to work smoothly with the full complement of technology, legal, and consulting personnel involved in any matter. Together with Aeren LPO we can meet those customer demands, we have the man power to supply any project.

Aeren LPO