Temporary Staffing

You do not need to expand your employee base to handle large matters. In fact, temporary staffing is the most efficient solution to many of the problems faced by the constantly expanding and contracting legal landscape.


We all know how big the workload in a law practice can get. You can work twenty-four hours a day and still feel like your "to-do" list just grows. Yet, other times, your work dries up for a bit. Because law practice revenue can be uncertain, hiring full time help can be risky and expensive. Karta Legal is here to help by providing advice, a staffing plan, and the skilled human resources you need today to ease the workload without a long term commitment.

Oversight, auditing, and budgeting

Karta Legal will help you determine the right staffing for any particular project. We will also help you control and manage your budget when hiring temporary staff.

We not only assist in the talent acquisition and training, but also in ensuring that the work done by temporary employees is audited and comes within budget.

Staffing plans

Deciding when and how long you need help in your firm can be stressful, it all depends on how long the case will take, how many documents you have to review, datelines you need to meet, etc. Over the years, we have been very successful in creating contract attorney staffing plans to cover or assist with all aspects of litigation, not just document review. We also provide temporary project managers for your complex projects.

With over two decades of experience handling outside contract work, the team at Karta Legal will help you to plan this process from start to finish, establish the procedures to follow, and make sure you have the help you need ready for when you need it and for the time you need it.

Document review protocol creation and management

Given the enormity of some document reviews, it is hard to imagine not having a game plan in advance. We are experts at providing clients with discovery protocols.

We work with your legal team, temporary staff and vendors to create the best process map for e-Discovery, saving your client millions of dollars in the process.

Legal Project Management

Having a legal project manager is essential for the efficient and effective management of large projects, including any document review or due diligence project.

We provide temporary or part time project management help, or train your staff in legal project management.