Litigation Support

Our litigation support consulting services run the gamut. We can support every stage of your case, either à la carte or on a project basis. Some of our offerings include:

ESI protocols and protective orders

We provide you with templates that comply with the amended rules of civil procedure and, if requested, will assist you in the negotiation process with opposing counsel. Our templates save hours of work and costs to you and your client, so you can focus on the substance of your case.

Drafting and responding to discovery requests

Nowadays it is crucial to respond and draft disclosures and requests that target all aspects of electronic information. We have decades of experience in electronic discovery; from small to big cases, we have seen it all. We will draft or review your discovery requests, or responses to requests, so they are defensible, up-to-date and in compliance with best practices.

Document review protocols

In order to control the scope, cost and time of an electronic review, a clear and well-planed process map needs to be put in place. A review protocol is an invaluable tool to manage discovery and make it defensible. We will work hand in hand with your litigation team to create a well-crafted, tight and defensible review protocol. We also provide managed services.

Deployment of analytic tools

At its most basic, AI and analytics should be deployed in: ediscovery, litigation strategy (predictive technology), legal research, contract management, and other simple legal services (AI chatbots, for example). If the adoption of AI in your organization has been slow, we can help. We will help you deploy various information extraction and machine learning techniques. Litigation analytics empowers lawyers to excel on many fronts, including managing client expectations, accelerating client service, refining law firm operations, and optimizing legal research.

Data and vendor migrations

Data migration is the process of transferring data from one system to another while changing the storage, database or application. Migrations are desired or required in many instances. Poor vendor performance, service or speed, are some of the instances when a migration may be needed. High costs for processing, hosting, analytics, and production may be others. We have performed successful migrations in many high profile matters, without losing data, coding or time.

If you are dissatisfied with the speed, quality or costs of e-discovery, call us to discuss whether a migration is your better option.

Trial Consulting and Project management

We consult on trial technology, trial vendor selection, trial logistics, mock jury examinations, venue research, and trial project management. We also train your team in Agile project management, provide you with temporary project managers, or work directly with your team to assist in your project management efforts.

Expert witness

In more complex cases, you will need or want experts to testify as to the steps taken in the various phases of discovery for defensibility purposes. We provide you with expert services for all phases of discovery.