Vendor Selection and Management

Selecting a vendor, whether for internal purposes to innovate your legal department or to handle a one-time project or initiative is an important decision. There are many variables that enter into the equation of vendor selection. Selecting the right vendor takes time, energy, and experience. We have decades of experience in doing just that, and will assist you providing independent and agnostic guidance.

Legal Services Procurement

Karta Legal will guide you every step of the procurement process:

We can work with your team or direct the entire process. At Karta Legal, you are our first priority and we will ensure the procurement process runs smoothly.

Oversight, Auditing, and Budgeting

One of the main concerns after selecting a vendor is scope creep and meeting the schedule and budget for the deliverable. We can train your team to handle the budget, invoice review and approval process; or we can provide you with direct oversight, auditing and budgeting services.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Organizations put a lot of time, thoughts, and resources into their business. A damage to your data can cost your company millions of dollars, decrease production, harm customers, or your reputation. There are many vendor options to ensure your data is protected and to ensure your company can deliver and continue with business in the event of a breach. We can help you to choose the right vendor for your organization based on your company structure.

Security Protocols

Do you, or your vendor, have acceptable security protocols and processes in place? This includes not only physical security, but also the integrity and security of client information, both at rest and in transit. We have a wide network of vendors available to you and we will guide your organization in the selection process.

Agile Legal Project Management

Many clients today have embraced Agile project management and other business methodologies to manage their projects. We have certified and experienced project managers to guide your vendor selection, procurement, technology selection and training. We will provide you with the tools and documentation, so you have visibility and accountability for every step of the process. If you prefer, we can help your team or your selected vendor in using these techniques and applying them to your project.