Outside Counsel Management

Outside counsel management is a must. It decreases costs and improves quality. We will help you identify appropriate candidates and select the best lawyers and law firms for your needs using RFPs, competitive bidding, and qualitative-based techniques.

Modernizing Requests for Proposals

Most corporations use RFPs. However, drafting or modernizing a RFP can be overwhelming, and sometimes gets put off; but it shouldn't. We help your team draft innovative and technology conscious RFPs.

Oversight, auditing and budgeting

Accurate forecasting and budgeting is a top priority for any organization. We train your team to create litigation budgets, handle the invoice review, and the approval process.

We can also provide direct oversight, auditing and budgeting services, as needed.

Law firm panel convergence

Many organizations have large counsel panels when they would benefit from panel convergence. We can strategize which option is best for you and how to get there.

Agile Legal Project Management services or training

Agile project management is a combination of project management methodologies with an agile approach tailored after the Agile Manifesto. This approach optimizes processes, decreases costs, increases efficiencies, and improves quality.

Let us train your people and transform your legal department from traditional to Agile. We offer e-Learning modules or on-site training on Agile and other legal project management methods, tools and techniques.