Legal Department Consulting

Our most sought out services are:

1- A flat-fee diagnostic process assessment of your legal department. You will walk away with a report highlighting what you can do to optimize efficiencies, save money, and continue your digital transformation. The final report will provide you with the business case you can make to your stakeholders to approve the budget for the changes we recommend. Through interviews and collection of data, we will provide you the metrics, and the roadmap, to drive change management.
2- Legal operations outsourcing. If you do not want to grow legal ops internally, but still want to benefit from the efficiencies of a robust legal operations department, you can outsource these services through us.
3-Consult on trial technology, trial vendor selection, trial logistics, mock jury examinations, venue research, and trial project management.

You can also call us to specifically discuss how to:

Strategic planning

Create a long-term departmental strategy for legal technology and process innovation.

Technology acquisition and implementation:

Create a long-term technology road map. We help you select, price and contract the best options for you, including tools such as document management systems, e-billing/matter management, contract management, content management, IP management, business process management, board management, and compliance management.

Using Alternative Legal Service Providers:

Drive departmental efficiency by leveraging the right resources for the right matters, including ALSPs for litigation support, document review, staffing, and other service providers and technology, as appropriate. Contracting out well defined areas of work is a sorely underutilized way to control costs.

Knowledge Management:

Enable efficiencies by creating seamless access to the institutional knowledge throughout the organization and centralization of key templates, policies, processes, memos, and other methods. Minimize rework and leverage existing knowledge.

Information Governance & Records Management:

Create a records management program including a record retention schedule, policies and processes. This is a crucial component of your strategic planning.

Data privacy and security:

We conduct an audit to ensure you have the controls in place to comply with privacy laws and regulations, secure personally identifiable information (PII), and comply with protective orders, NDAs, and confidentiality agreements. If any area is lacking, we provide you with the templates and playbook for compliance. In addition, we have privacy and GDPR experts available to service your needs.

Vendor management:

We will manage your vendors and outside counsel by auditing, budgeting and supervising your projects. We also develop customized tracking tools to provide you with visibility as to the work being done externally. By systematically controlling these expenses, we will save you at least 20 percent of current costs. Our work around vendor management, is a quick and easy way to reduce outside spending.

We also consult on law firm panel convergence and RFPs (updated to include technology innovation requirements).

The best part is that you do not have to be the one to deal with these issues with your vendors or counsel, we do that for you, preserving relationships while increasing value.