Information Technology

Security Assessments and Disaster Recovery Plans

IT services are critical for business. Any interruption in your organization or a breach in your data can be catastrophic for your company, even if the downtime is for only few hours. In fact, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute or more than $300,000 per hour. For large organizations, that number tops half a million dollars.

Karta Legal will help you to draft the right plan for your data recovery in case of any attack or downtime, including:

Security Capability assessments

Regardless of how frequently you are updating your security systems, there are new threats created and deployed every day. We can help you with:

a) Company-wide vulnerability assessments
b) Detailed reports on detected vulnerabilities and recommendations for ways to fix them
c) Ongoing supervision of your websites, servers, and network ports, and
d) Peace of mind that your security is being handled by professionals

Data loss and recovery assessments

As recent events have proven, the need for a company to be able to execute data recovery in the event of a disruption is vital to its well-being. Hacking, acts of nature, terrorism, fire, floods, human error, facility problems, equipment, hardware and software failures are among more than 100 identified causes of disruptions that have adversely impacted companies’ ability to perform at an acceptable level. We conduct recovery assessments, examine all the internal and external dependencies required to recover the data, train your people, and draft your playbook for use in “the event of.”

In addition, your client sensitive data is under your care, custody and control. It is your responsibility to safeguard it. We provide evaluation, revision and development of privacy and information management policies. And we will help you prepare your incident response and breach notification plan.

System Upgrades

Keeping your technology updated is essential to be able to serve your client in the best way possible. The updates can be internal (for office-use only) or external (client-end use), either way it is important to count on a team that can handle the constant change. If you do not have an internal IT department with the time and ability to handle this ever expanding need, we can bring resources to bear and provide these services to you à la carte or on an ad-hoc basis.