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Change Management

Change is the only true constant. Learn to manage well. Locate all Courses down below or on our partner site.

Change management
  • Change Management Certification
  • Understand the systems thinking that drives behavior change
  • Define the road-map to change management
  • Learn the tools to lead a change management initiative
  • Utilize the tools in a case study
  • Initiate change by creating a sense of urgency
  • Plan change by managing stakeholders
  • Implement a change strategy and plan
  • Implement change by managing resistance
  • Recognize how to lock in the change
  • Understand how to make change stick


Change Management Foundations

  • Change Management is a framework to methodically implement organizational change and prepare stakeholders for such change. Change Management Foundations introduces learners to this framework so that they can better understand and take part in changes within their own organizations.
  • Credit:
    PMI PDUs: 4
        Power Skills PDUs: 1.5
        Business Acumen PDUs: 2.5
    IACET CEUs: 0.4 (Contact Hours: 4 hours)
    ATD CI Credits: 4
    HRCI Credits: 4
    SHRM PDCs: 4

Change Management Professional

  • Change Management Professional is intended to prepare learners to be change management practitioners in the real world. The course includes the Change Management Toolkit, an Excel spreadsheet loaded with helpful resources to guide learners through the process of Change Management.
  • Credit:
    PMI PDUs: 15
        Power Skills PDUs: 10
        Ways of Working PDUs: 5
    IACET CEUs: 1.2 (Contact Hours: 15 hours)
    ATD CI Credits: 15
    HRCI Credits: 15
    SHRM PDCs: 15

Leading and Managing Change

  • Whether adopting new technology or adapting to a drastic shift in an organization's core focus, change is a constant in any successful business. Managers play a fundamental role in successful effecting changes across an organization, and meanwhile, humans, by nature, will often resist change out of fear of the unknown. This introductory course addresses the key issues managers face in a dynamic environment. By understanding the steps in effecting change and how to overcome resistance, a manager can successfully lead change at various levels of an organization.
  • Credit:
    PMI PDUs: 4
        Power Skills PDUs: 1.75
        Business Acumen PDUs: 0.5
        Ways of Working PDUs: 1.75
    IACET CEUs: 0.4 (Contact Hours: 4 hours)
    ATD CI Credits: 4
    HRCI Credits: 4
    SHRM PDCs: 4