Operational excellence, reimagined

Founded in 2015, ZERØ was born out of the work of one of our co-founders on cancer image detection on MRI machines. This technology relied upon A.I. to ensure a correct cancer diagnosis for the patient. In building this technology, the primary concern was not only accuracy, but with maintaining data privacy. The innovation here was to build a machine learning algorithm that could process large amounts of data and provide accurate diagnoses without ever having that data leave the device.Our team understood early on that this fundamental problem was one that was applicable to any business with a high level of security-mindedness. We spent three years intensively developing our product for law firms before launching in the summer of 2018. Our goal in the next three years? To help law firms around the globe achieve optimal productivity and revenue capture.

ZERØ is dedicated to applying artificial intelligence and smart automation to the most pressing operational challenges of the legal industry. We combine cutting-edge technology, advanced security, and ongoing evaluation of usability and customer value to build and deploy solutions that are revolutionizing the business of law.

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